New Disney LuLaRoe Prints Announced At D23!

If you recall, I’ve talked about this wildly popular clothing line in the past. The Disney LuLaRoe line has been insanely popular, and frankly I haven’t been able to get anything from the line. Someone help a girl out so I can talk about them from a firsthand experience!


It looks like LuLaRoe is at D23, showing off some new prints for their line. Price-wise, I’ve noticed a lot of LuLaRoe items go for $20-$60 depending on what you buy, which I’m not terribly thrilled about. I know that Disney products aren’t exactly cheap (I own Disney UGGS, so this is not a strange concept to me), but I tend to buy $10 leggings at Target.

If anyone out there knows an easy way to buy anything LuLaRoe, please let me know. I’d like to actually review the items and understand why women love it so much.

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