D23 Update: All Tickets To The 2017 Expo Are Completely Sold Out

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credit// Disney/Image Group LA

As of 5:30 pm PST on Friday July 13, 2017 all ticket types for the 2017 D23 Expo have been sold out. Earlier today the Friday and Saturday single day passes were sold out, as well as the 3-day passes. And finally, the Sunday tickets have joined their brethren in wishing all late-comers a swift “nice try.” Chip and Co broke the news to sad Disney fans just a few moments ago.

To be fair to those last-minute buyers, getting tickets for a convention of any sort the day of was something you could easily do. Up until about four years ago, you could get passes for most pop culture conventions whenever you made it over to the convention center to check it out. But with Comiccon attendance on the rise with the popularity of the casual nerd, getting into any con the day of is a dream.

Sure, you can probably still get a pass for your local 3-booth comic show, but an event like D23? Not very likely. That the tickets held out this long is actually more surprising than the news that all ticket types have sold out.

So, for those of you who wanted to go to D23 but have now had your dreams crushed, you can absolutely stick around the site to check out all of our D23 coverage.


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