D23 Adds Whoopi Goldberg As A Disney Legend!

Whoopi Goldberg is being honored at this years D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, by being announced as an official Disney Legend!

This is great, as Goldberg has been involved in Disney for some time. I know her best from voicing Shenzi in The Lion King (the most epic Disney movie of all time), but she also hosts ABC’s The View, where they do talk extensively about the parks. Goldberg has been an icon for decades, with movies such as Sister Act, Ghost, Jumping Jack Flash, and more. Congrats Whoopi, this is indeed an honor, and thank you for making such a lasting impression on young me–even though The Lion King was emotionally exhausting. Holy cow, I did not expect to see Mufasa thrown to his death when I was 8.

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Veronica Webb is a self professed comic book nerd, with a strong focus on Archie and Golden Age comics. She also enjoys Disney World more than the average person, and bad movies. Speed Racer is one of her favorite movies. Seriously.