Your & Bungie Accounts Can Now Be Linked

Over time, everything is going to be on one system where you can link yourself to anything. Just watch, it may not happen in the next five years, but one day it will happen. Video game wise, we’re probably a decade away, but when you see companies like Bandai Namco and Capcom join forces to improve their online systems, you knew more of that would be on the way. Starting today, you can link your Bungie account to accounts to each other.

It’s kind of a weird benefit, but one that works out really well for both companies as you can now share your Destiny 1 and 2 stats int he same place as your World Of Warcraft or Overwatch numbers. Which means a complete inventory of how well you’re doing on every game, and if the Bungie server is any indication, that’s in-depth stuff that you can’t even get on fan-made servers like Overbuff.


If you’re wondering just how in the hell you set this up, don’t worry, we got a little confused looking at it ourselves the first time. Bungie has set up an easy step-by-step guide on their help page to get you through the mess. Now it’s just a matter of time before they start crossing brands for loot box items and trading off cosmetics to hype each other’s games.

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