Spider-Men II #1 Asks More Questions Than It Answers – But Does Clear Up What Miles Morales Knows About His Universe (SPOILERS)

Once upon a time (2012), Peter Parker, Spider-Man of Earth 616 met Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of the Ultimate Universe in the comic book Spider-Men. They had a team-up. it was a thing. Then went their separate ways. Though Peter Parker did google for “Mikes Morales” when back in the 616 Universe and got a surprise.

Then there was the Secret Wars and all the universes were destroyed. But, thanks to his gift of a three-week year old burger to a hungry Molecule Man, when the Marvel Universe was put back together, a) Miles Morales was made a part of it b) his Mom was brought back to life and c) all his school friends and extended family were also part of the Marvel Universe. And always had been.

But what of that did Miles Morales remember? Well in Spider-Men II, the five-year sequel, we finfd out what Miles Morales and Peter Parker know about it all. Or at least a precis.

And while we don’t get to know who the Marvel Universe Miles Morales actually is, we learn a few things. He is involved with Taskmaster, who is involved with that dimensional portal between universes.

He lives in Bloomfield Hills (possibly of Michigan), with at least one employee/servant. He appears to be a bit messed up, Jigsaw style. And of a different ethnicity and age.

And he’s heading back to New York. Spider-Men II #2 anyone?

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