Fan Made ‘Mega Man’ Project ‘Mega Maker’ Might Come Out?

Inspired by Super Mario Maker, there’s a fan project due out on July 15th called Mega Maker that has all the makings of an amazing title, but also has all the hallmarks of a fan game that’s one cease and desist letter from being killed. If you haven’t already guessed, Mega Maker is a Mega Man themed platform builder where you can create your own levels from the classic 8-bit era look, but spruced up to have a 16-bit feel.

As SNL‘s Stefon would say, this game has everything! Every level type, every enemy, every stage weapon, color schemes, platforms, ladders, music tracks, backgrounds and millions of spikes for you to create your own “pit of doom” levels where you just fall for ages. It contains content from the original six NES games, not a complete library, but we would expect updates in the future to add more. There are also two weapons in here that are amazing and I wish existed when I first played these games. This is, quite literally, a game we’re shocked wasn’t already made by Capcom after Mario Maker made its debut.

And that’s the problem we’re all kinda waiting to see happen. This is a fan project and like a lot of fan projects, it only takes one phone call from an attorney to put the breaks on it. Capcom has made no official word about the game yet on either side of the fence, so we’re all sitting around waiting until Saturday to see if it actually comes out or, like a lot of Mega Man levels, gets killed in the first two minutes being out. We patiently await to see what happens.

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