Slay Like A Slayer- Hot Topic’s Buffy Inspired Clothing Line

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If you grew up in the 90s, and/or are a fan of Joss Whedon and his projects, chances are you know who Buffy Summers is, and you remember some of the more notable fashion choices of the times.

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Buffy The Vampire Slayer‘s pilot airing, and various companies are using that big round number to pull out some pretty great items for all the good chosen ones across the globe.

Hot Topic, after much success with their Outlander inspired line and most recently the Wonder Woman collab fashion line announced back in March their plans for a Buffy line.  The retailer released this video on their facebook page today, detailing on models the garments we’d only seen in artist renderings:

First up, this crochet tank top:

Buffy wasn’t just a slayer. She was a devoted daughter, good friend, loving sister, committed girlfriend, and always able to deliver a sick burn right before staking a vamp. This black tank top features one of her earliest and best, given to The Master in the episode Prophecy Girl. It’s got a cream colored crochet back panel featuring a capital B, and stakes.

But really, look at the BACK of this thing!

Then there’s the Faith Moto Jacket:

Your look will be five by five with this black motorcycle jacket inspired by Faith Lehane. The black cropped moto jacket features a black on black collar embroidery of Faith’s knife, Jackal; her gift from The Mayor. It’s got two zippered side pockets, a zippered closure, and printed lining featuring Jackal, stakes, and 5/5.

The line is ONLY available on their website, which is unfortunate if you want to ensure that swell red leather duster (ha, slayer, duster, get it?) is cut for optimal stake slinging.

The red trench coat:

Channel your inner slayer with this replica of Buffy’s iconic red leather jacket from the season three finale, Graduation Day. This red mid-length coat feature red collar embroidery of crossed stakes. It’s got two side fold over pockets, branded “B” buttons, and a printed lining featuring stakes, crosses, axes, Claddagh rings, and B’s.

One of the more….regrettable costume designs from the show is honored in the collection, namely Willow’s sweater.  Not that it isn’t beloved and recognized by true fans instantly, but there *is* still a twitter account devoted to the really bad costumes seen on the show.

Willow’s fuzzy sweater:

Bored now? In this sweater, never. This pink sweater is s tribute to the one worn by Willow in Dopplegangland and features daisy patches along the collar, a pencil patch, a cat patch, and a female symbol patch. Just the top for practicing some Wicca or reading in the library.

Buffy’s prom dress:

Finish saving the world, go party. This white high-low dress is inspired by the dress worn by Buffy in Prophecy Girl to both slay the master, and slay at the school dance. It’s got an empire waist, princess seams along the bodice, and a lace overlay skirt the features
stakes, crosses, axes, Claddagh rings, and B’s.

What do you guys think?  Will you run around Sunnydale saving the day in any of these outfits?

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