Snickers Envisions A World In Which Superman Fights The Flash In Public Stadiums

Snickers Envisions A World In Which Superman Fights The Flash In Public Stadiums

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Snickers and DC Comics! They go together like any publisher of superhero comic books and flavoured combinations of fat and sugar, and both are jam packed full of nuts. Today’s DC Comics line sees the current campaign where someone is behaving in an incongruous fashion because they haven’t had their hunger satisfied by a Snickers bar. Modern dietary advice would suggest maybe a morning bowl of porridge with slow energy release carbohydrates, rather than a sugar rush followed by a crash, but it seems one young man on his way to see Superman Vs The Flash at the local sports stadium getting his ape on.

But it asks so many other questions. What damage was done to the car and will the owner sue? What is Superman Vs The Flash anyway and haven’t we had enough of superheroes fighting each other? And if it is Superman Vs Flash, why would anyone have Batman foam fingers?

It it a series of speed challenges? Or a knockdown gladiatorial fight? How would the audience even be able to watch such a thing happening at such super speed?

And what meetings did the advertising team have to perfect this? You just know at some point someone will have made sure it was the white guy’s crabbiness that was portrayed as a gorilla. They’ll have insisted on the earrings and haircut as well.

Previous executions of Mars campaigns include the one where Wonder Woman is behaving and looking like Doomsday and the one where they took over the bottom half of two pages for Twix, mocked by fans, Marvel and even DC creators themselves. And they’ve even created entire comic books together. I guess it must be working…

But it’s not the first time they’ve used a gorilla to advertise chocolate.


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