Poison Ivy - To Kill Or Not To Kill? (SPOILERS)

Poison Ivy – To Kill Or Not To Kill? (SPOILERS)

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Poison Ivy turns up in a couple of comic books today, Harley Quinn #23 and Batman #26. Some Poison Ivy fans have been concerned by the way the character is treated at DC Comics, while some villains such as Catwoman and Clayface have been rehabilitated and star alongside the heroes. She never got an ongoing series despite promises made, and joining the upcoming Batgirl & The Birds Of Prey series may be shortlived. However the character does appear with greater prominence on the TV, is a lead in the Gotham Sirens movie project and as many can attest, remains one of the most popular cosplay characters at comic book shows. So, people care.

Last year Batman #26’s writer Tom King when addressing such concern, made this assurance.

Which, as of today’s Batman #26, now reads as a politician saying they have no plans to run for the leadership, or no plans to raise taxes as a couple of pages into her first appearance by Tom King, drawn by Mikel Janin, this happens.

Maybe they somehow survived?

No. And Batman playing Basil Exposition gives us the equivalent of this Austin Powers repeating gag….


I don’t expect the Poison Ivy fans to be too happy about this one, do you? But remember folks, it’s in the past! Past Poison Ivy! Does that help?

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