Evil Geniuses Disbands Their Overwatch Team Due To Lack Of "Synergy"

Evil Geniuses Disbands Their Overwatch Team Due To Lack Of “Synergy”

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A shocking but reasonable turn of events took place this week as eSports organization Evil Geniuses announced they are disbanding their Overwatch team. While it may comes as a shock to some, the reasoning is actually pretty sound:

“This comes after a dialogue where the result was one that both the roster and EG management felt was beneficial for all parties involved. Despite a strong early showing, players within the team felt that their synergy was not what it needed to be in order to progress, and requested their release.”

In short: they weren’t gelling as a team. There are no details as to whether it was personal issues between members or if it was simply a case of different playing styles not being able to come together. But as of today, the team is no more.

The eSports side of Overwatch is going through a lot of changes, both in teams and in league structures. A lot of teams are bailing, other individual players are switching around or getting out of it altogether, all while Blizzard attempts to launch their own league that’s already shrouded in mystery and having internal problems getting high-profile people to sign up. Don’t get us wrong, there’s still a lot of awesome things happening, but it is a very weird time as we ‘re now into year two of competitive play for the game.

However, the slight silver lining to the Evil Geniuses split is that the group says they’re not abandoning Overwatch; all will be “looking on to how the scene continues to develop.” In our eyes, this means they’re looking to see how the official Overwatch league forms up and then will probably draft top talent for a reformed team. But for now, it’s a wait-and-see kind of thing.

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