Are You A Hugger? Bayley And Sasha Banks Defeat Nia Jax And Alexa Bliss

Last night’s Monday Night Raw saw Bayley and Sasha Banks face off against Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss, with Banks emerging victorious in a 2-on-1 match after Bayley was forced out.

I’m not gonna lie, in this particular match I was rooting for the heels. Bliss and Jax are fantastic antagonists, while Bayley and Sasha Banks are very well liked, and bring a ton of energy to their matches. The match started with Jax and Bayley, who opened up last week’s gauntlet match (and closed with Banks vs Jax, with Banks winning).

Unfortunately Bayley was forced out of the ring due to an injury, leaving Banks to take on Bliss and Jax by herself. She managed to stand her ground, even giving us a sneak peek of what’s to come between Bliss and Banks. Banks’ victory was probably hard for Bliss and Jax to swallow. Raw is pushing Banks very well, but I feel like Bayley is constantly getting the shaft. Here’s hoping they can figure out what to do for her soon! I think Jax is the perfect heel, but she could also be pushed better, as well.

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