Decoded: Hidden Clues To Valiant’s Harbinger Wars 2 In Secret Weapons #1

A few weeks ago, we told that Valiant had randomly inserted a “secret edition” of Secret Weapons #1 into the print run of the first issue of its new superhero series from Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer and interior artist Raul Allen.

We also know, courtesy of a pair of widely released teaser images, that Heisserer and Allen will make up one half (alongside X-O Manowar’s Matt Kindt and Tomas Giorello) of Valiant’s 2018 crossover event, Harbinger Wars 2.

Which led some to think that the “secret edition” of Secret Weapons #1 might include some tangible hints for the event that Valiant is calling its single most ambitious and impactful story in the company’ two-decades-long history.

And, indeed, it looks not to be just one secret…but many.

Here’s how it works:


Eagle-eyed fans spotted a code — a code identical to the speech bubbles of Rex-O, the series’ villain – in the margins printed on pages inside each copy of Secret Weapons #1, standard covers and variants alike… Labeled with numbers 2 through 6, these codes, when translated, join together to form the publisher’s name, Valiant Entertainment:

And it stays like that, unless you get two extra segments of the code – #1 and #7 – which can only be found in inside front and back covers of certain copies of the issue’s A cover, the so-called Secret Weapons #1 “secret edition…”:

Which leads to – now relabeled as the “Harbinger Wars 2 Mission Dossier”…and a promise that it will be updated weekly from here on out.

And week one seems to include the following uncensored looks ahead at July’s Harbinger Renegade #5 – the issue that’s supposed to kick off the “Road to Harbinger Wars 2” with the death of a major Valiant character…

From the looks of things, it’s going to be a bloody bloody, plane-crashing, arm-losing, face-shooting event to be remembered…


Stay tuned as more updates from Harbinger Wars 2 Mission Dossier arrive in the coming weeks – a nd keep your eyes on eBay as copies of the Secret Weapons #1 Secret Edition start to make their way online…


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