Bleeding In The Gutters

Rich Douek writes,

Five years ago, Gutter Magic was nothing more than a collection of 3 short stories that were printed in an ashcan being circulated at NYCC. Bleeding Cool picked it up, and was awesome enough to run an article about it alongside other indie debuts from that year. As a budding comic creator, it was an amazing feeling to see it up there on the front page.

Since then, Gutter Magic went on to become a successful miniseries with IDW and Comics Experience, but I’ll never forget that feeling of excitement and gratitude I felt when I saw that article.

Whispers pinup by Doug Hills

So, I’ve been trying to think of a way to say thank you, and promote our new Gutter Magic: Tales from the Gutter Kickstarter at the same time – so, if you are reading this article, click on the project link below and make a pledge, we will officially thank Bleeding Cool in the book, if we fulfill $100 or more worth of pledges from this article. As a backer, your name will be included no matter what you pledge, but if we hit that number, Rich and Bleeding Cool will get a special call-out.

What is Tales from the Gutter? It’s both a continuation and a return to the roots of the world of Gutter Magic. The IDW miniseries presented a grand, sweeping story that took you all over a magical Manhattan, but there are so many more stories to tell in this universe, we couldn’t wait to revisit it!

We’ll check in with some familiar characters, and meet some completely new ones. We’ll explore parts of the setting we’ve never been before, and showcase some completely new and awesome artwork!

Oppenheimer pinup by Stan Chou

Tales from the Gutter will feature five new stories from the world of Gutter Magic, illustrated by Brett Barkley, Eryk Donovan, and Renae De Liz, to name a few, as well as a staqggering amount of new pinups by the likes of talented artists like Charles Paul Wilson III, Eoin Marron, Iain Laurie, Bree Jordan, and Jules Rivera.

We’re also partnering with Comics Experience to deliver some of their great course and workshop content to aspiring creators, as well as offering their current members a chance of becoming part of this project by submitting their own story ideas and artwork!

And, as an added incentive for you readers, we’re providing an exclusive first look at some interior artwork by Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon, from the story Dead And Buried, featuring Shiver, one of the most popular characters from the original series.

Pencils by Renae De Liz, Inks by Ray Dillon

We hope that you’ll support us by pledging and spreading the word about our project.

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