Disney Files Permit For New Ride In Epcot’s France Pavilion


Earlier, I wrote about all the new proposed plans for Disney World’s Epcot park — as a part of Epcot’s rumored five-year makeover, the entire park is undergoing a much-needed makeover. According to Walt Disney World News Today, a permit has been filed for a new ride in the France Pavilion area of the park’s World Showcase.

Chances are pretty high that this may be a Ratatouille ride akin to the ride in Disneyland Paris, and if so, I’m honestly excited for it. Epcot is a great park, but it is sorely in need of an update that doesn’t involve Frozen.

At the very least, Ratatouille actually takes place in France and not a made-up land mimicking Norway. It won’t be replacing another beloved ride, either. Check out the video below to see what the ride in Disneyland Paris looks like — Disney will likely not copy this exactly, but it should give you a rough idea for what’s to come.

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