Could We Get DC Legacy From November? Wonder Woman #700, Superman #800, Batman #800 And More

Marvel Comics has announced all their Legacy numbers from October 2017, as they plan to shift all their comics onto the number the comics series would have been on if they hadn’t been relaunched again and again.

When DC Comics did their own relaunch last year, they did exactly that to Detective Comics and Action Comics. But are there more to come.

In September, Detective Comics will be at issue number #965. 2019 will bring Detective Comics #1000.

In September, Action Comics will be at #988. 2018 will bring Action Comics #1000.

But there are other DC titles that were relaunched for DC Rebirth that if you added the pre-Flashpoint comics, the New 52 and the Reborn issues would also be approaching a big anniversary moment. Could DC be planning their own DC Legacy renumbering for those issues as well?

The Flash will hit 700 issues with Vol 5 #39 in January 2018.

Batman will hit 800 issues with Vol 3 #35 in November 2017.

Wonder Woman will hit 700 issues with Vol 5 #34 also in November 2017.

Superman will hit 800 issues with Vol 4 #34 also-also in November 2017.

Thank you Valeyard for the maths… this is what they did last time…

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