Obie Scott Wade’s Horror Comic Shed, Cancelled From IDW Before First Issue Released – But Three Issues Available On-Line

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Shed is a horror comic based on the author’s experience coming out as a gay man.

The first issue of this six-issue series was intended to be published by IDW Entertainment this month, but was cancelled with a publisher without reason being given.

Virgo’s brightest star, Spica, death-gasms into a supernova, belching its radioactive shockwave toward Earth. When the radiation arrives, the Sarx will thrive, but it’s doomsday for the humans. The spiritual leader of the Sarx, a young peace-keeper known as Grace, goes against the will of her people in a bold effort to prevent mass human extinction – because she believes it is her divine purpose to do so.

Instead, the book by creators Obie Scott Wade (creator of She-Zow) Ken Spevergav, Steve Beach and Jay Fotos has had the first three issues made available digitally, published by Sabotage Industries who , according to this review, will be publishing the comic book in print in July.

Clearly something went down. A shame because as Wade told Scream Horror Mag, IDW were part and parcel of this project.

OSW: Going into this, Ken and I knew absolutely nothing about creating a comic book series and we’ve relied solely on the patient guidance of our editor at IDW, David Hedgecock. As David got to know our story, he paired us up with Steve whom I consider a new true friend, and a genius creator. A connoisseur of horror, sci-fi, and a broad range of literature, Steve is so perfect for the project, we simply cannot imagine doing it without him.

Obie Scott Wade

Obie Scott Wade

Obie Scott Wade


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