No, Marvel Are Not Changing The Comic Book Industry. But DC Comics Might Be.

No, Marvel Are Not Changing The Comic Book Industry. But DC Comics Might Be.

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On Thursday, Marvel’s Joe Taraborelli issued a press release headlined “Every Hero! Every Title! Every Story! Tomorrow, MARVEL LEGACY Changes the Comic Book Industry!” before setting out their run of ongoing titles from October onwards. A few new launches, a few titles missing in action.” But nothing that could, in any way, be defined as “changing the comic book industry”

Nevertheless, collating a number of them, Ben Morse wrote an article for headlined “Marvel Legacy Changes The Comic Book Industry”.

And so, bit by bit, they were all released.

It’s just really hard to see how. At the most, it’s the lack of relaunching titles from #1s, instead returning them to classic numbering, but Marvel didn’t even choose to release the numbers (you’ll have to look to Bleeding Cool for some of them).

Of course, hyperbole is expected from the Marvel marketing machine. But this doesn’t seem to be based on anything that might justify it. Yet.

Previously, Scott Snyder announced that he is working with a new format for DC Comics for his All-Star Batman series.

“DC approached me and said, how would you like to take some of the stuff that you are working on with Sean and do it a new, prestige format? Instead of doing it monthly, why not do it in this format that would allow for it to be a bigger stage, both for Sean artistically, and to package the story in a new way and then allow every subsequent story that I was going to do with Paul Pope, with Afua Richardson, with Lee Bermejo, be done in this format that really foregrounds the art – different paper size, different cut, the whole thing?”

But I understand that it is just the start.  It’s not just more “adult” comics, it’s a massive change in the way the company is approaching publishing comics as a whole over the next year or so.

And in the process maybe actually changing the way comic books are published.

Honest. Maybe Marvel will follow suit?


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