Destiny 2 Will Not Address The Darkness


‪The Darkness won’t be addressed in Destiny 2 and Bungie has decided to come forward forward and explain why. While speaking to Game Informer, game director Luke Smith confirmed that while The Darkness was a mysterious term that was referenced quite often in the original Destiny, it won’t be mentioned in Destiny 2. Which makes sense since the Darkness was part of the original Destiny which was scrapped shortly before the game’s launch. While we do sort of know what the Darkness was in that version of Destiny – some kind of cosmic force of corruption – what we ended up with just didn’t quite fit as it was a wholly separate narrative.

And in the Destiny we actually got, well, “We’ve never really said what [The Darkness] means,” Smith said. “Ultimately, we do owe our players a story there – what is The Darkness? – but that’s not this game. We wanted to remove as much of the extra terminology as possible and focus on telling the Destiny 2 story.”

Shortly after that conversation, Kotaku spoke with Smith about the absence of The Darkness from Destiny 2. When they asked if the reason why it isn’t in the game is because Bungie doesn’t yet know what The Darkness is, he replied, “We had no idea what it was. Straight up. We had no clue.”

Smith went on to reveal that the studio considered grouping all the races together and collectively referring to them as The Darkness, but the team ultimately decided the franchise deserves a better explanation. “We had taken all the races and said, ‘Ah, they’ll just be The Darkness.’ But that’s not what the IP deserves,” he said.

Destiny 2 will instead have a narrative that is focused around the Light, because that’s not somehow extra terminology. “We’re in the process of removing the term ‘Darkness’ from the game,” Smith noted. “Because when we’re going to talk about Darkness next, we need to know what it is and have a plan for it. And we do.” So we will get answers. Just not now.

Destiny 2 will be released on September 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while the PC version, which supports an uncapped frame rate, will be released the following month on October 24.

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