CBS Announces Star Trek Discovery Premiere Date, Finally

Posted by June 19, 2017 Comment

The next generation (but actually it’s a prequel series) of starfleet exploration FINALLY has a release date from CBS and their streaming service All Access for Star Trek: Discovery.

After the on again off again announcements of expected release dates, shakeups with showrunners, writers, directors and in general all the things you hope don’t happen to a series you’re looking forward to, the 6th television series based in Gene Roddenberry‘s Star Trek galaxy will hit on Sunday, September 24th 2017.

The interesting thing here is aside from the digital only streaming service (that you have to pay for), there will ALSO be a special broadcast premiere on the CBS TV network airing 8:30-9:30 PM (PST).  After a lot of talk about the importance of Star Trek being available to the masses vs paid content for quality assurances from the network, this tv broadcast of the premiere is a smart move towards hooking new fans on the property.

This could however backfire, seeing as how for the last year, CBS has done nothing but talk about how the paid-for-content service was going to be the “only” way to watch the series.  I can understand if there are some angry subscribers who maybe didn’t want to spend the money for the pilot/premiere, but did so anyway, and now don’t necessarily have to? I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a sudden surge in All Access subscriptions due to this announcement.

All that said, anytime a new Star Trek series premieres, it’s cause for celebration. Fans from all over the world and age groups met the first trailer with mixed emotions, of course.  The cast looks pretty darn good, and although the new Klingons are nothing to write home about, this new vision of the future is both promising and disappointing at the same time.

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