Closing Out My Time At E3 With Some VR Action By Survivos

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As my day at E3 came to a close on Thursday, I had one last-minute booking that got missed because of the crowds. (We’ll talk about that insanity tomorrow.) Survivos is a company in Los Angeles making VR games who jumped into the Indiecade area of E3 this year. We got a chance to play a couple of their games with some mixed reactions.

The first Survivos title was called Sprint Vector, where you race in first-person mode only seeing your hands in front of you as a guide. You take the VR controllers and swing them back and forward to the sides as if you were running to build up momentum. You use this momentum to accomplish high jumps, grab onto walls and vault yourself up, even fly around the area like you’re Superman.

The game itself is fun, but it was quite challenging to get beyond the learning curve of building momentum continuously. The minute you hit a wall (and you will), you’re dead in the water and need to build that speed back up. It’s definitely a game where if I had extra time to practice I could get used to it and probably excel, but in 10 minutes time I found myself more frustrated with my performance.

The second Survivos title was called Raw Data. Much more simplistic, as it’s an FPS with a teleportation mechanic that allows you to jump around the level to hit your targets. Your right gun is the primary, with a reload system where you put the gun to your side for more bullets. The left stick is your teleport action that will allow you to cover a great distance and help out a teammate. This was a lot of fun — I just goofed around to see where I could teleport and shoot from, giving me a lot of options to take out enemies, but also looking like I’m spazzing out. I enjoyed it a lot.

It was an impressive showing for Survivos, I just wish I had more time with them both. Sprint Vector is still being worked on, but Raw Data is on Steam in Early Access if you’d like to try it out.

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