Hot Topic Riverdale Merchandise Is Coming, Goodbye All Of My Money

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God hates me, Hot Topic–the store in the mall that used to sell pants bigger than planets–has announced they will be selling Riverdale merchandise soon. I’ve actually work at Hot Topic off and on again over the years, and frankly nothing is motivating me more than applying again so I can sell the holy heck out of the Hot Topic Riverdale Merchandise.

I seldom get exceedingly excited about stuff like this, but I am. Hey Hot Topic, if you want someone to hype the hell out of this line, give me a shout. I even come with my own Jughead crown (tattooed and a real one I can wear on my head) and I will absolutely bore you with all of the trivial Archie stuff none of you really want to know! Personally I’m hoping for an official Jughead crown (there was one made decades ago, but we are due for a new one), some Rivervixens cosplay merch, and some Josie stuff would be sweet too. Heck, maybe Hot Topic could sell Archie comics as well in the store to make people excited about the comic. Honestly there’s so much they can do to promote this line, and I am excited to see all of the ads and in store signage they get.

Hot Topic Riverdale Merchandise

Riverdale will return this fall to the CW, so now is the perfect time to get your Riverdale gear in order to show off your love for the show! To see what else Hot Topic has to offer, head over to their website. Haven’t had a chance to watch Riverdale yet (I’m judging you), Netflix has all of season one ready for you right now! You can also stream it on the CW’s website, and you can learn about Archie and the gang over on their website. Now if you’ll excuse me… while I wait impatiently for this Hot Topic Riverdale merchandise, it’s time to eat a hamburger, Jughead style.

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