The First Time Watchmen And DC Comics Characters Officially Crossed Over

DC comics watchmen

In 1987, Who’s Who, the DC Comics guide to their characters, included characters from Watchmen.

They used artwork from Dave Gibbons for the entries of Watchmen and Minute Men.


However, it came with the disclaimer: “The Minutemen and the Watchmen series are not connected to the DC Universe Continuity.” Of course, that was before Geoff Johns got hold of it.


But it’s the back cover that may be more intriguing, as it portrays the characters interacting with the rest of the DC Universe, drawn by Pablo Markos.

While some folks have looked to The Question #17 for the first such cross-pollination of DC Comics and Watchmen, could this back cover intrigue others?

As Dave Gibbons would say, “no comment.”

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