Before 'The Mummy' Comes Out, Three Different Games Are Released

Before ‘The Mummy’ Comes Out, Three Different Games Are Released For The Property

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For those of you excited about the new film for The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, we’re kinda curious who you are. All kidding aside, there are a set of games set to be released for the film in the form of a VR game, a console game, and a mobile app, all related to the film.


The first is The Mummy Prodigium Strike, which is a VR location-based experience developed by Starbreeze Studios, where you take on the role of a Prodigium agent who has to capture Princess Ahmanet, while fighting off all her animal minions in your way as you hover in a helicopter. Right now, you can only experience this in Los Angeles at Hollywood & Highland Center and at IMAX VR center in Los Angeles and New York City. Tickets $15 on location and $12 at


The second is The Mummy: Dark Universe Stories from Night School Studio, which is an episodic, supernatural adventure game for iOS and Android. Essentially, you need to see the film first because the app starts where the movie ends, as you take on the role of Nick Morton and play through an immersive tale from multiple narrative options and fun comic book illustrations. That game will come out later this month.


Finally, for those of you playing Xbox One, PS4, PC or the Switch, we have The Mummy Demastered from WayForward. This one is an old-school platforming adventure game based on the film that will come out in late August, where players will “enter a world of evil as an elite Prodigium agent who is tasked to take down Princess Ahmanet’s army of the undead and save the world at any cost.” All three games have their bonuses and minuses, it’s up to you to decide if they’re worth your time. If we get the Demastered game we’ll certainly review it. for you.

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