Some People Are Realising That Star Wars’ Doctor Aphra Might Just Be Gay

Doctor Aphra, the Star Wars equivalent of Indiana Jones (just one that fought on the side of the Nazis), has become a very popular character since first introduced alongside O-O-O and BT-1 in the Darth Vader comic by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca.

The character has jumped off the pages of the comics and into the games, which is quite a rarity. And in the process, she’s picked up quite a fan base — some of whom are just realising that she might just be gay.

While some did detect signs of a possible relationship between Aphra and Luke Skywalker:

Doctor Aphra


There were hints that were picked on previously, of a more intimate relationship between her and Han Solo’s ex-wife Sana Solo:


And in the Screaming Citadel, a suggestion that Sana still had feelings for her:


But this scene in a recent issue of Doctor Aphra may be the most blatant — and may have brought forth that letter:


And remember, as for making her gay (or at least not straight), she was created by a bisexual man with a keen interest in increasing the orientational diversity of his characters, as shown in both Young Avengers and The Wicked + The Divine.

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