ESports Caster Mitch Voorspoels Steps Down After Photo Scandal

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On Friday, Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels, popular eSports broadcaster for League Of Legends, stepped down from his position as a commentator for the eSport. The 27-year-old player turned broadcaster did so after nude photos of himself were leaked by a woman without his consent. Voorspoels released a statement on Twitter on Friday, while Riot Games removed all references to him from their websites and social media following the statement.

The details are sketchy and in short supply at the moment, but several sites including Slingshot, Heavy, Game Rant, and Dot Esports are slowly putting together the facts about the woman’s age and her correspondence with Voorspoels. The reactions online have been mixed, to say the least. Many in the industry are showing Voorspoels support during this time, while others are criticizing him over the content and the alleged age of the woman involved.

The act itself, beyond being an embarrassing moment for Voorspoels, is illegal in many countries. So it’s a pretty safe bet that the woman involved will be facing some kind of criminal punishment for her actions, at which point we’ll discover more of what went on. For now, the only comment we can really give on the subject is to state the obvious: Don’t take nude photos and don’t share them online or in a text. It will never end well.

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