The Flaming Jason Skin Will Not Become ‘Friday The 13th’ DLC

I could flip a coin on how to feel about this one because I see both sides of the issue at hand. But Friday The 13th will not be making the “Flaming Jason” skin part of any kind of DLC for the game. There’s been a demand from regular fans of the game to make this awesome addition a part of DLC in the future, but yesterday Gun Media addressed the issue and stood by their decision, despite the outrage they’ve received on social media.


“This team stands firm that for those of you who missed out; sorry. You missed out. Our backers believed. They funded. They supported. This is our thanks to them with a skin that is in no way superior to the other versions of Jason present within the game. I am sorry for those that want it now, but you missed out. We did everything we could to ensure that the word got out through our channels, press and otherwise, but the answer remains the same; we will not sell them.”

Much like skins you would get in games like Overwatch, the “Flaming Jason” does absolutely nothing beyond look cool. You get no added stats, weapons, boosts to abilities—nothing! It is simply a cosmetic addition. One the one hand, I applaud the company for keeping this a Kickstarter exclusive, especially after taking hell for giving out free copies of the game to people like streamers who didn’t back the project.On the other hand, it sucks that this will never be an option for

On the other hand, it sucks that this will never be an option for Friday The 13th DLC. Of course, that didn’t stop people from selling their copies on eBay before the game went live, some making a cool $500 off their version. Considering the outrage, it’s only a matter of time before we find out someone hacked the game to get their own copy of the skin.

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