There Is Still A “Desire And Passion” To Make ‘Gambit’

X_Men_Origins_Gambit_by_davidyardinThere are some movies sitting in production hell right now. Deadpool was one for a long time, as far as the superhero genre is concerned, but that finally got made so we needed a new “this will never get released” joke. The Flash is quickly making its way into that camp but it hasn’t been long enough to really be a true punchline.

We’d like to thank the Gambit movie for jumping in and taking that place for us. A passion project for star Channing Tatum the movie has been delayed over and over again after losing several directors. The movie is currently sitting in limbo with no word as to what’s happening next but no one seems able to just say the words “it’s been dropped” because they’re in too deep now. Or Tatum really wants this project to happen. Screen Rant talked to X-Men producer Hutch Parker and asked him about the delayed production.

Yeah, if you look at the three movies next year, every one of them is sort of like a franchise in and of itself, so you can see the potential there. Is Gambit still part of that plan?

HUTCH PARKER: It is. It is. I don’t have any news on that but there’s still a desire and a passionate interest to see that movie made.

So there is still “passion and desire” but that doesn’t mean anything as far as the movie itself is concerned. They need a director with a specific vision, they need to get the script in order, and they need to either make the stupid movie or move on. This limbo doesn’t work anymore because there are so many other superhero movies could go see instead of waiting for a Gambit movie. There are plenty of other X-Men movies to see; we’re getting three next year alone.

So Fox needs to sit down and determine if they want to make this movie or not because every year that goes by is another year people forget that this was ever a thing.

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