Baby Steps For The Return Of The Fantastic Four Comic Book?

Baby Steps For The Return Of The Fantastic Four Comic Book?

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1500x1500_f471f7f26e506006060e39ec3f5e2fce5ea8c55d75c2d6a9638cccb6It ended up being one of the bigger Bleeding Cool stories. That Marvel chairman Isaac Perlmutter had personally intervened to cancel all of Marvel’s Fantastic Four comic books, and all licenses, to the extent that posters in the offices were pulled down so he wouldn’t even see them as he walked through the Marvel building. And it was all due to a breakdown of negotiation with Fox Studios who have indefinitely licensed the Fantastic Four and X-Men as movies, as long as they keep making them.

As well as getting it unofficially confirmed by many Marvel employees, we also found circumstantial evidence regarding how Fantastic Four licensing rights had been removed from trading cards, T-shirts, statues, games and more.

But of late, there have been a few chinks in the armour. Brian Bendis seems to be preparing for a Fantastic Four return in his titles, possibly one written by Bendis, with the Make Mine Marvel/Marvel Legacy event as the perfect place to see their return.

There was the Hasbro Marvel Legends figure. 

And now, ICV2 have confirmed with Upper Deck that that they will be reprinting and republishing the 2013 Marvel Legendary:  Fantastic Four expansion card set, available in six to eight weeks.

That their absence until now was a “licensor-controlled issue.” But that they can now go ahead with this.


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