I Must Have This Wolverine Revoltech Figure As Soon As Possible

Depending on scale, I’ve never really been a one of those “a figure needs as much articulation as possible” guys. For instance, I really dislike super-articulated 3 3/4 inch figures. All I ask is for elbows and knees that bend. But for six-inch or higher, I prefer as much articulation as possible. Especially six-inch — I have a ton of Marvel legends from Hasbro, and if they can’t pose, it’s infuriating. So when I saw photos of this Revoltech Wolverine figure, my jaw dropped.

The figure features a whopping 33 points of articulation, three interchangeable heads for a multitude of looks, three different expressions, multiple sets of hands, a slash effect piece, a figure stand, and possibly the coolest accessory of all: a cigar. He’s presented in his look from Astonishing X-Men.

Look at all those different poses you can get this thing into! This looks to me to be one of the definitive Logan figures on the market. I will say though, for all the dynamic posing you can do with this thing, I’ll probably keep him posed with the cigar the most. It’s just such a cool and unique accessory that we’ll probably never get from a more widely available Hasbro figure.

This figure is going to run you 5,900 Yen, or about $53 USD. You can find a preorder here through Big Bad Toy Store, as well as other online retailers. This one will be shipping out sometime this September, bub.

Pictures from Tag Hobby

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