Stephen Amell Raises $35k With His Muscles On American Ninja Warrior

Stephen Amell Raises $35k With His Muscles On American Ninja Warrior

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ArrowStephen Amell is clearly loving his life of playing a DC superhero, and has turned it into something of a second career. He’s been to the WWE, and now he’s taken on the American Ninja Warrior course. As part of Red Nose Day, for every obstacle that Amell completed, a $5000 donation would be made. Amell might play a hero in Arrow, but the question was: can he really pull off some heroic moves on the course? Short answer: Hell yes.



He crushed it. Amell not only ran the entire six-obstacle course, but also decided to so the Salmon Latter in the second half of the course just for fun (and for charity). It’s impressive because, as the video points out, the celebrities have very little in the way of training beforehand.

Amell is kind of an eccentric guy. It’s been a good thing for fans of Arrow, and he, much like fellow CW star Misha Collins, have learned to mobilize their fanbases to turn them into forces for good.

By completing seven obstacles, Amell raised $35,000 for Red Nose Day. Good job, Stephen.

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