Ultimates2 Gets Its Hundredth Issue In August 2017 – Depending On Your Mathematics (UPDATE)

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Bleeding Cool was the first to suggest, then state, that Marvel Comics was going to do a “not-a-relaunch” with their titles, restoring a number of books to their legacy numbers, adding up what they would have been at without all the multiple volumes and relaunches. We also told you that Venom would be the first with #150.

Well, we also know the second – or at least one of the titles going for that renumbering in August.

And it’s Ultimates2, the series currently written by Al Ewing with artists including Christian Ward and Travel Foreman.

Which if you add up The Ultimates (13 issues), The Ultimates 2 (13 issue), The Ultimates 3 (5), Ultimate Comics: Ultimates (30) Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates (5) Avengers Vs New Ultimates (6), Cataclysm: Ultimates (3), All-New Ultimates (11) Ultimates2 (9 in July) and there’s probably a few annuals to throw in there as well… and I’ve probably messed some numbering up along the way. How to all the Ultimate Comics: Avengers titles fit in?

But anyway, in August, we’ll be getting Ultimates2 #100 – however you want to add it up.

UPDATE: Kevin Brettauer in the comments fixed the maths.

The math actually does check out.

13 issues of the first Millar book

13 of the second Millar book

5issues of both Ultimates 3 and New Ultimates

30 issues of Ultimate Comics Ultimates

12 issues of All-New Ultimates. That brings it to 78.

The first Ewing series brings it to 90.

#10 of Ultimates Squared is, in fact, #100.


And no need for any Avengers Vs, Cataclysm, New Avengers or other nonsense…


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