Captain America Was No Longer Asked If He’d Heard Of Myspace, But Twitter

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Remember Civil War: The Frontline #11? At the time it was the most controversial comic published. Man, those were such innocent times. How were we to know?

A scenario had developed in a previous issue of the ground-level Civil War tie-in series written by Paul Jenkins when journalist Sally Floyd interviewed the fugitive Captain America. Who had lots of things to say.


Man, such innocent times. How was Cap to know?


And look, Captain America making spurious comparisons between the Registration Act and Nazi Germany. Tom Brevoort should have a word.


But she returned later in the series with Ben Ulrich in tow, in Civil War: Frontline #11.


Look they were doing Captain America Sadface even then. But it was the Myspace question was the one that did it. It was mocked. And mocked. And mocked. And mocked. And mocked. And mocked. And mocked.


And Sally Floyd kicked off large. I thought she was meant to be doing the interview?


Well, Secret Empire has finally given her an answer. Hail Hydra. And in next week’s Captain America #17, courtesy of CBR, we get to see what happens next. As Sally Floyd is invited to the White House to interview Hydra Cap.


We remember, Sally! But Twitter didn’t exist back then when… oh, wait sliding Marvel timescale, right. Well, we do at least know that Nick Spencer knows what Twitter is.


Yeah, Sally, don’t you know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? There are rules…capasr2016017-preview-5

These days, of course, he probably tweeted it as well.

Captain America: Steve Rogers #17 by Nick Spencer, Andres Guinaldo and Ramon Bachs is out on Wednesday.

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