Did Flash #22 Originally Have A Reference To Tim Drake In It? (SPOILERS)

image-49The redacted final page of the last issue of Detective Comics #956 originally referenced Tim Drake. The Batman character who was presumed dead in the DC Universe, but who had been kidnapped by Mr Oz as part of the Rebirth storyline involving Dr Manhattan and Watchmen. That Batman had learned the character was still alive, with an editorial note to the effect that this happened in The Button. This was then removed and replaced with the current version, Batman talking about using magic.

Well, the final issue of The Button, Flash #22, is out today. And there is nary a mention of Tim Drake. However, the Red Robin figure does appear in the lenticular cover of the issue, alongside Batman, The Flash, Reverse-Flash and Jay Garrick – who do all appear inside the comic.

The cover in question was prepared before the insides of the comic were printed.

Could mention of Tim Drake have been edited out of this comic as well? Is that why is was a week late?

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