Does DC Really Stand For Dismemberment Comics? (SPOILERS)

DC Comics does have a thing for lopping of a limb or two from its various characters. Here are a few of the more prominent ones, as well as the new one hitting the headlines today.


Aquaman lost his hand to piranhas in 1994… replaced by a harpoon prosthetic. Then a variety of hand replacements. And now – he’s just got a hand after various reboots and resurrections.


Speedy/Arsenal lost his right arm to Prometheus, armed with a poison-coated nanite-laced blade, which also prevented him getting prosthetic limbs.


In Dark Knight Returns, Oliver Queen has one arm, with the implication that he lost it to Superman.


Alfred lost a hand to The Joker in Batman, though months later it was somehow reattached. The medical realities of that have been skirted over somewhat.

And then, of course, there’s Cyborg…

Some didn’t make it through though. When Andy Diggle was (briefly) writing Superman, he pitched Superman losing an arm – and then a hand. The pitches were rejected and Diggle left his run after only three issues.


And now, in today’s Superman comic, Lois Lane has lost one of her legs, above the knee, with Superman using his heat vision to cauterise the wound. Although in concurrent issues of Action Comics seemingly set after this, she is walking around without issue. Nevertheless, next time, maybe he should just read this…


…you know he could have got to the hospital at super speed, Lois Lane in one hand, her leg in the other. And if he was still wearing his red underwear on the outside, he could have removed it and used it as a tourniquet.


So where did he put Lois Lane’s Leg anyway?

In comparison, Marvel’s most prominently dismembered character is Luke Skywalker. And that’s how he arrived…

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