Michael Moore's New Film 'Fahrenheit 11/9' Bought By Weinsteins

Michael Moore’s New Film ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ Bought By Weinsteins

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Fahrenheit 9/11

Michael Moore has been working on a new documentary called Fahrenheit 11/9 and you have three guesses as to what it’s going to be about. The documentary has been bought by The Weinstein Company to secure the worldwide rights for the film despite it still being in the production according to Deadline. The “11/9” refers to the election night when Donald Trump won the presidency. Moore has brought on the same team from his previous film Fahrenheit 9/11 which includes directors/producers Meghan O’Hara, Tia Lessin and Carl Deal.

The Weinsteins will use their indie label Fellow Adventure Group to release the documentary. They also picked up Fahrenheit 9/11 back in 2004 which became the biggest-grossing documentary at the time. It also won the Palme d’Or in 2004 at the Cannes Film Festival and is arguably the movie that made Moore the well known filmmaker he is today. Moore infamously predicted that Trump will win over the summer so it’s not surprising that he is making this documentary.

Fahrenheit 11/9 does not have a release date yet but the Weinsteins tend to buy movies to win awards so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a fall/winter release date for awards season.

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