Dan Jurgens Make It Clear – Superman And Wonder Woman Never Got It On

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So Bleeding Cool got a story wrong.

I know, go figure, but it’s true. In May 2011 we reported that, as part of what had not yet been announced, let alone called the New 52, Superman and Wonder Woman would be getting together as a couple. “Hooking up”, we called it. Ah, the folly of youth.


Fifteen months later, DC PR would leak the story to Buzzfeed.


And so the couple had a tumultuous relationship, until it hit the rocks, previewed on Free Comic Book Day.


Amended in the actual publication to this…

Superman-Wonder Woman (2013-) 022-013

And the fight…

Superman-Wonder Woman (2013-) 022-015


Justice League (2011-) 046-018

But in recent issues of Superman and Action Comics, even that wasn’t enough. It appeared as if the relationship had been entirely deleted.


And now confirmed by writer Dan Jurgens


So, it turns out that Bleeding Cool were wrong. It never happened!

HellYeahSupermanAndWonderWoman are in mourning




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