Video Of Professional 4am Burglary At A Comic Shop In Orlando, Florida

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On Thursday 11th, Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida – known to all Bleeding Cool readers – posted on Facebook,

Left the shop at 2 am, got a call at 4 am from the alarm company, back door destroyed. Burglars absconded with a lot this time. Not a good morning.

We have a video of the crime in progress.

And a description of events, on a GoFundMe page set up yesterday to help the store. It has already reached its target.

Over the last twelve years A Comic Shop’s been burglarized several times, but this time we were hit hard by professionals…and it hurt!

Three men stole a firefighter’s truck, destroyed both of our reinforced and barred steel doors, wrecked equipment and electronics in the backroom, and crowbarred and removed our safe! The safe had new comic book day’s cash, our register’s bases, and a petty cash box (as well as some high-end comics).

Yes we have business insurance, a two million dollar policy in fact, and have never made a claim for the other burglaries because the theft and damage weren’t over the deductible. This time it’s substantial, and we found that even though we have one million in “damage to rented premises” insurance, it doesn’t cover these $1,000 solid steel doors as we didn’t install them ourselves (even though we are liable to replace them on our lease). Our policy doesn’t cover any cash loss (which I will change for the future), and there’s a $2,500 deductible on business property loss or damage due to theft that I didn’t notice, as everywhere except one page states a $1,000 deductible (that’s for everything but theft apparently).

We are hurting from this targeted hit on A Comic Shop and The Geek Easy and are asking for help to cover two $1,000 solid steel doors (with installation) and $1,500 of cash that was taken with the safe. Our insurance may eventually pay for the other damaged or stolen things, but those are definitely not covered. Anything would help, monetarily or items we can sell to raise the money. Publishers or creators could send us trades, variants, exclusives, signed copies, or anything they’re inclined to send (Aftershock comics already sent us a care package on their own volition).

Thank you all for the empathy and support in this crappy time for us.


Here’s how it went down on Facebook.

Ten years after this happened…

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