Ta-Nehesi Coates Says Black Panther & The Crew Cancelled After #6

Talking to Black Panther writer Ta-Nehesi Coates, he has told The Verge website that his Black Panther spinoff series Black Panther & The Crew has been cancelled after #6 – the decision being made after two issues had been published.

This will be one fewer issue than the original The Crew series achieved back in 2003.

Black Panther & The Crew by Coates, Yona Harvey and Jackson Guice teamed Black Panther, Misty Knight, Luke Cage, Storm and Manifold for a street-level superhero team, exploring an untold story from the Marvel Universe with a 1950’s superhero team in Harlem, the leader of whom recently died in police custody.

Coates tells The Verge that “the mystery will be solved,” even though the series couldn’t find an audience.

The other Black Panther spinoff series, Black Panther: World Of Wakanda was also cancelled with #6 last month.

The cover to Black Panther & The Crew issue 4 out in July is below. We can presume the final issue will be in September.





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