Post-Cancellation The CW Releases Epilogues For ‘Frequency’ And ‘No Tomorrow’

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FrequencyTwo of the shows that fell victim to the cancellation demons at the CW this year were freshmen series Frequency and No Tomorrow. However, the CW decided that that they could tie up some lose ends for the fans of these shows and provided epilogues for both series ob according to TV Line. Obviously there are spoilers for both of these shows.

First we have fantasy mystery drama Frequency.

In the Frequency featurette, clocking in at just under four minutes, Frank (Riley Smith) manages to fix the ham radio and get back in touch with Raimy (Peyton List), allowing for his daughter to pass on a vital piece of information.

No TomorrowNext we have the comedy romance No Tomorrow.

No Tomorrow, meanwhile, has gotten closure in the form of an extended cut of its season series finale, revealing whether an asteroid struck Earth and brought humanity to an end as we know it in the final two minutes.

The CW didn’t have to do this for the fans of the show so we have to give them some credit for posting these epilogues. Maybe it’ll soothe the sting for the fans.

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