Life Is Feudal Has A Ton Of News For You Including A New Medieval City Builder

Life Is Feudal Has A Ton Of News For You Including A New Medieval City Builder

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Bitbox and Life is Feudal have quite a bit of news for you today. The first is that Life is Feudal: MMO is entering its third closed beta period. The third closed beta is currently live and will last for approximately two weeks. Life is Feudal: MMO places players in a realistic, non-fantasy, medieval world where danger lurks around every corner. So, it’s pretty much exactly like living in your own virtual renaissance fair. Players need to cooperate as they gather resources, build shelter, craft tools and form a fully functioning feudal society in an unforgiving world. Players may find a place in society as a vassal, a knight, a farmer or even royalty, as their guild builds and expands their medieval societies.

I’ve hopped in on previous beta tests for the MMO, and I have to say, I was pretty damn pleased with it. You can sign up for the closed beta here.

The next piece of news regards the single player version of Life is Feudal. Developer Mindillusion and publisher Bitbox announced the upcoming release date for their Middle Ages-era City Building game, Life is Feudal: Forest Village. Set for release on May 26, Forest Village challenges players to lead a small group of refugees, forced to begin again on an unknown island. Shape the land and expand with houses, pastures, orchards, farms, windmills and many other real-world experiences. Forage in the forest, hunt for prey, grow crops and domesticate animals for food. As Winter creeps in, you’ll need to stock up on firewood, charcoal and warm clothes to survive.

Feeling like getting more directly involved in your town’s development? Then take control of one of your villagers, zoom down to their level, and work on construction, foraging and management, or just enjoy strolling around town. Forest Village is all about realism, from having to fight disease and malnutrition, to dealing with the specific water and soil requirements of a summer crop, and even getting everyone undercover during a terrifying lightning storm. Because that’s just how Life is Feudal does everything.

The features of Forest Village include:

  • Advanced farming system – Different crops require varying amounts of moisture, labor and time in order to ripen ready for harvest. Your pastures and hens require hunters to protect them from forest predators.
  • Switch between birdseye and first person views – Play in a overhead view, or take direct control of a villager and play from a first person perspective.
  • Diseases, food rations and vitamins – Diseases spread faster in cold weather, especially if your villagers lack warm clothes or their food is too plain and lacking in vitamins. Try to stock all types of food possible to keep your villagers healthy.
  • Dynamic/reactive  ecosystem – Villagers walking in the surrounding woods too often will scare wildlife deeper into forest, making hunting more challenging. Excessive farming or woodcutting can lead to flora and fauna extinction
  • Real time weather and seasons system – Summer droughts will force your farmers to water your crops and rainy days will force them to dig trenches to drain excess water. You’ll also need firewood and warm clothes for your villagers in Winter.
  • Morale and increasing population –  Keep your villagers happy and their families will grow – that is, if their needs are being met! Living in overcrowded hostels, unfulfilled requirements and even bearing witness to a villager’s demise will reduce morale and their productivity.
  • Disasters – Lightning strikes, tornadoes, earthquakes and more! Make sure your villagers are prepared for disaster and have places to hide.
  • Mod friendly – Game modders will have access to AI, animations, task and resource management, navigation, sounds and many other game systems.

You can pick up Life is Feudal: Forest Village on May 26th for PC.

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