An Emotional Zachary Levi Announces That Nerd HQ Will Not Be At SDCC 2017

An Emotional Zachary Levi Announces That Nerd HQ Will Not Be At SDCC 2017

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nerd-hqOne of the better offsite events at SDCC every year has been Nerd HQ, planned in part by Zachary Levi. Featuring video game demos, after-parties, and the popular Conversations For A Cause where stars come and have intimate conversations with fans. It has been historically held at the Children’s Museum across from the convention center itself. I for one really enjoy making a point to head over there, and have friends that have even volunteered with them.

No more.

In an emotional video, Levi has announced that there will be no Nerd HQ at SDCC this year:

Now, he does say announcements will be coming as soon as next week for things they may be able to do.  But to not have the installation itself is a heart-breaker. It has always been a ton of fun over there, and run very well. I wonder why they could not partner with Nerdist or Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls over at PetCo Park, but I digress. The real loss here is the Conversations For A Cause, as anyone who is lucky enough to have attended one the last few years can attest, they are an opportunity to let the interview subjects relax and interact with people in a way they usually are not afforded. They were also one of the hottest tickets in town during the entire convention. If I had to bet, they will still be co-sponsoring events, and hopefully they can figure out a venue for the Conversations to happen as well.

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