Powerless Lives Up To Its Name As NBC Cancels The Series With Three Episodes Still Unaired

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As blood continues to run in the streets as the networks have been heavy handed with the cancellation-hammer this week, word has finally emerged that NBC has cancelled the freshman superhero series, Powerless. The move comes as no surprise after the network pulled the final two episodes from their Thursday night timeslot without rescheduling it back on April 25th (replacing it with Superstore).

Starring Vanessa Hudgens and Alan Tudyk, the workplace comedy series featured a cast of characters trying to create various technical gadgets to help protect the citizens from the collateral damage of superheroes fighting in and around the city. The company was a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, and with Tudyk’s character playing the cousin of Bruce Wayne.

The series showrunner, Patrick Schumaker has been keeping the faith on twitter, but tonight commented, “This one stings real bad.” Schumaker’s prior shows include iZombie, Surviving Jack, and Cougar Town.

No word thus far on if or when the final episodes will see the light of day. I would expect for the network to sit on them until the season brick is put out on DVD/Blu-Ray.

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