Marvel Comics Liquidates 138 Collections To Retailers - And That's Just Part One

Marvel Comics Liquidates 138 Collections To Retailers – And That’s Just Part One

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captain-america-hail-hydraMarvel Comics is running a three-week sale to retailers from their collection stock, hardcovers and tradepaperbacks, at very large discounts to retailers. This often results in price drops for certain titles as retailers order them in bulk and seek to shift them at a fast profit, especially through places like Amazon Marketplace. Usually the price drop is followed by price rises, as the books in question are marked “out of print”. So expect price drops – and price rises on the following. And more to come next week.

Check out the current prices here – and then check back when they start to drop.

Age Of Ultron Companion TPB
Amazing Spider-Man HC Vol 2
ASM Young Readers Novel TPB Vol 3 Dr Octopus
Ant-Man Natural Enemy Prose Novel HC
Ant-Man Season One Prem HC
Astonishing Spider-Man And Wolverine TPB
Astonishing Thor TPB
Astonishing X-Men TPB Vol 2 Dangerous
Astonishing X-Men TPB Vol 3 Torn
Astonishing X-Men TPB Vol 7 Monstrous
Astonishing X-Men TPB Xenogenesis
Atlas TPB Marvel Boy
Avengers Academy TPB Vol 1 Permanent Record
Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis Prem HC Vol 4 Avx
Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis TPB Vol 4 Avx
Avengers Vs Pet Avengers GN TPB
Avengers Vs X-Men TPB Vs Avx
Avengers Vs X-Men TPB X-Men Legacy Avx
Avengers West Coast TPB Along Came A Spider-woman
Avengers Rage Of Ultron Ogn HC
Avengers Solo Avengers Classic TPB Vol 1
Avengers Initiative TPB Dreams And Nightmares
Avengers We Are The Avengers TPB
Cable TPB Vol 4 Homecoming
Captain America By Dan Jurgens TPB Vol 1
Captain America Prem HC Vol 1 Castaway Dimension Z Bk 1 Now
Captain America Allies And Enemies TPB
Captain America TPB America First
Captain America American Nightmare Prem HC
Captain America Fighting Avenger GN TPB
Captain America Forever Allies HC
Captain America Hail Hydra TPB
Captain America No Escape TPB
Captain America Off Index To Marvel Universe GN TPB
Captain America TPB Vol 2 Death Of Captain America
Captain America Trial Of Captain America TPB
Captain Britain HC Vol 2 Siege Of Camelot
Civil War HC Movie Cvr New Ptg
Civil War Front Line TPB Book 2
Dark Reign Sinister Spider-Man TPB
Dark Tower TPB Battle Of Jericho Hill
Dark Tower Gunslinger Prem HC Battle Of Tull
Dark Tower Gunslinger Prem HC Little Sisters Eluria
Deadpool By Posehn And Duggan HC Vol 2
Deadpool Worlds Greatest TPB Vol 1 Millionaire With Mouth
Defenders By Matt Fraction TPB Vol 2
Devil Dinosaur By Jack Kirby TPB Complete Collection
Doomwar TPB
Emma Frost Ultimate Collection TPB
Exiles Ultimate Collection TPB Book 6
Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman TPB Vol 5
Fantastic Four By Waid & Wieringo Ult Coll TPB Book 4
Fantastic Four TPB Vol 1 New Departure New Arrivals Now
Fantastic Four Reunited They Stand TPB
Fear Itself Spider-Man Prem HC
Fear Itself Fearless Prem HC
Fear Itself TPB Home Front
Fear Itself TPB Thunderbolts
Fear Itself TPB Uncanny X-force Deep
Ff By Jonathan Hickman TPB Vol 1
First X-Men Prem HC
From Marvel Vault TPB
Generation Hope Schism TPB
Generation X Classic TPB Vol 1
Guardians Of Galaxy TPB Vol 1 Cosmic Avengers
Halo TPB Graphic Novel (Mr)
Halo Prem HC Uprising (Mr)
Hercules TPB Twilight Of A God
Heroes For Hire TPB Control
Howard The Duck TPB Vol 1 Complete Collection
Hulk Visionaries Peter David TPB Vol 8
Hulk Fall Of Hulks TPB Red Hulk
Hulk Son Of Hulk HC Dark Son Rising
Hulk Son Of Hulk TPB Dark Son Rising
Impossible Man TPB
Incredible Hercules TPB Assault On New Olympus
Incredible Hulks TPB Planet Savage
Indestructible Hulk Prem HC Vol 1 Agent Of Shield Now
Inhumanity HC
Inhumans TPB Origin Of Inhumans
Invaders Now HC
Invaders Now TPB
Invaders TPB Eve Of Destruction
Invincible Iron Man HC Vol 2
Invincible Iron Man TPB Vol 5 Stark Resilient Book 1
Invincible Iron Man TPB Vol 6 Stark Resilient Book 2
Invincible Iron Man TPB Vol 7 My Monsters
Invincible Iron Man TPB Vol 8 Unfixable
Iron Age HC
Iron Man & Armor Wars GN TPB
Iron Man 2.0 TPB Vol 1 Palmer Addley Is Dead
Iron Man Prem HC Believe Vol 1
Iron Man Armor Wars II TPB
Iron Man Armor Wars Prologue TPB
Iron Man Official Index To Marvel Universe GN TPB
Iron Man Tales Of Golden Avenger TPB GN
Iron Man End TPB
Iron Man War Machine TPB
Jim Featuring Sif TPB Vol 1 Stronger Than Monsters Now
Ka-zar TPB Burning Season
Marvel Adventures Thor Spider-Man Digest TPB
Marvel Firsts Before Marvel Now TPB
Marvel Ghost Stories GN TPB
Mmw Atlas Era Venus HC Vol 1
Mmw Golden Age Captain America HC Vol 5
Mmw Golden Age Usa Comics HC Vol 2
Mmw Incredible Hulk HC Vol 6
Mmw Invincible Iron Man HC Vol 7
Marvel Point One II TPB
Marvel Universe Wolverine Digest TPB
Marvel Zombies TPB Vol 5
Marvelman Classic Prem HC Vol 1 Quesada Cvr
Marvelman Classic Prem HC Vol 3
Marvelman Familys Finest Prem HC
Marvels Iron Man 3 Prelude TPB
Marvels Avengers TPB Black Widow Strikes
Marvels TPB Eye Of Camera
Mighty Avengers HC Dark Reign
Miracleman Prem HC Book 1 Dream Of Flying Davis Cvr
Moon Knight TPB Vol 3 God & Country
Ms Marvel HC Vol 2
Muppets TPB Four Seasons
Mystic Tenth Apprentice TPB
Mystique By Brian K Vaughan Ultimate Collection TPB
Mystique By Sean Mckeever Ultimate Collection TPB
New Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis Prem HC Vol 2
New Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis TPB Vol 2
New Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis TPB Vol 3
New Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis Prem HC Vol 4 Avx
New Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis TPB Vol 4 Avx
New Avengers TPB Vol 10 Power
New Avengers TPB Vol 4 Collective
New Avengers TPB Vol 7 Trust
New Avengers TPB Vol 9 Secret Invasion Book 2
New Avengers Breakout Prose Novel HC
New Defenders TPB Vol 1
New X-Men By Morrison Ultimate Coll TPB Book 2
New X-Men By Morrison Ultimate Coll TPB Book 3

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