Honor Thy Father Is A Very Mixed Episode Of Arrow

Honor Thy Father Is A Very Mixed Episode Of Arrow

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This article contains spoilers for the Arrow episode – Honor Thy Father







I feel very mixed about the Honor Thy Father episode of Arrow. There were very good moments and some not so good. The overall story is that a judge has overturned all of Adrian Chase’s convictions and put a bunch of criminals and killers out on the street. This includes Sampson from earlier this season. Also, Prometheus sent Oliver Queen a 15-year old dead body in cement. The man was killed by Robert Queen, Oliver’s father. While Oliver is trying to clear his dad, Prometheus and Sampson together to collect the ingredients to make weaponized tuberculosis. Prometheus also leads Oliver and Diggle to an old Queen Consolidation holding company where he’s rigged a trap to bury them in cement. And Oliver and Thea find a lawyer who knows something personal about Chase.

The episode felt flat and silly at some points. The cement trap was almost straight out of the Batman ’66 TV series. There never seemed any kind of real threat from Sampson who was a big deal in his first appearance and Prometheus gave up so quickly when Oliver told him that his father was going to disown him because he was crazy. Chase didn’t deny it, call Oliver a liar or anything. He just accepted it and gave up. Way too easy. I immediately figured it was part of Chase’s plan and Oliver was just falling into it as easily as he fell into the cement trap. After months of dealing with Prometheus, you’d think Oliver would’ve been more skeptical.

At least he’s back in the Green Arrow suit and not the generic black mask.

Thea Queen returns and has to deal with yet another person she cared about turning out to be a murderer. Oliver finally lets her see the message from Robert and it helps. I got to believe she’d be a little more upset with Oliver for keeping this from her for five years.

The continued relationship between Quentin Lance and Rene Ramirez is once again one of the highlights of the show as Rene moves to get his daughter back. Lance tries to be supportive and help him through his fears… but in the end, the look on his daughter’s face when Rene doesn’t show for the hearing is heartbreaking. But his concern was letting his daughter hear him testify and the things he’d have to say about her mother. He could simply ask for his daughter to not be present at that point. I can’t see why the judge would refuse it.

The other highlight was Oliver and Anatoli in the flashbacks, setting things up for Oliver’s discovery and rescue from Lian Yu. They had a touching good-bye that was a bit sad knowing the falling out they have later on. But then Kovar shows up alive and with his men… which means the flashbacks are definitely not over yet.

The episode was not one of the series best and felt a bit like a filler and set up for the season finale.

As I said, the capture of Prometheus seemed way to easy at this point. And next week we get to see what happens as Chase’s friends go after Oliver’s friends. But was getting capture part of the plan or was there always a back up in case he got captured? And they say in the trailer Curtis and Dinah are missing… seems like it would be really difficult to catch Dinah unaware.


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