Net Neutrality Needs Help Again, And John Oliver Is Calling On Gamers (Among Others) To Aid It

Net Neutrality: that lovely blockade against corporations running the internet like they own everything. If you’re not familiar with the subject, don’t worry, everyone’s favorite Brittish TV host that doesn’t sing show tunes in cars has got you back. John Oliver has talked about Net Neutrality before, in the video we’re posting here:

You’d think after leading a crusade against it the first time, we’d be okay, right? NO! Because that’s not how the real world works. Net Neutrality is under attack again, which forced Oliver to create a second piece about it, in which he calls on gamers to help in the fight. Because if Net Neutrality is killed, chances are many of you who play online will be screwed over from speed limitations due to the fact that companies like Blizzard and Valve aren’t going to be able to fork over millions of dollars a year to every cable internet provider in the world to keep you streaming at top speeds. Essentially, the Trump administration are working to undo all the Obama administration safeguards to protect the internet from corporations who wish to chop the damn thing up the way McDonald’s would cows. Watch the video below and reach out to the FCC to stop them from allowing this happen to the internet.

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