Amandla Stenberg Follows Niobe: She Is Life With Niobe: She Is Death

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Niobe: She Is Death, the sequel to Niobe: She Is Life reunites the creative team of Amandla Stenberg (starring in EverythingEverything), Sebastian Jones, Darrell May and new artist Sheldon Mitchell of Cable, The Darkness, and Vampire Hunter D with covers by Hyoung and Jae Lee.

becomes a bounty hunter, hunting down human traffickers and slave traders of young girls.


In Niobe: She Is Death, our young, black, half-elf warrior is struggling with her faith in humanity and the world, after witnessing too much wickedness.  In the sequel to Niobe: She is Life, we will witness the completion of Niobe’s journey from being a lovesick teenager to a warrior woman set to take on a world that would see her dead. Narrowly escaping a violent prison death, she learns that girls are being abducted in part because of the bounty on her head. But the hunted becomes the hunter when she allies herself with a savage mentor who teaches her how to take vengeance on those who prey on the helpless – by being a bounty hunter herself. Niobe will target slave traders and sex traffickers, rescuing the victims for the families who seek her help.

This is the second volume in an ongoing saga where Niobe is destined to become the savior of an entire fantasy world.


For actress, activist and writer Amandla Stenberg, Niobe offers an opportunity to reflect her own journey and beliefs in a fragile climate where heroic role models may not be perfect but are certainly needed. She says “Niobe is a symbol of peace and salvation. She has the weight of an entire world on her shoulders, so in some ways I see her journey as reflective of mine. As I navigate the world and try and use my platform to bring people together, Niobe is doing the same thing, only in a much more badass way. But what I like about her is she is flawed, she makes mistakes, and she is vulnerable, so she struggles like we all do between obligation and adventure.”

“In Niobe: She is Death, we see a total shift with Niobe. As she grows up, she gets tired of all the crap the world has thrown at her. She has to abandon some of her previous morals and ideologies for a moment, to just go through her rebellious stage, to gain a better sense of herself so she can become stronger in the world around her. So her new path reflects my feelings, as I start to deal with all our own world issues, and as it gets scarier, it’s a little better for me to put on the armor.”

Publishers Stranger Comics are giving readers the chance to preorder collector-exclusive editions of the first issue of Niobe: She is Death from May 18th and the Niobe: She is Life collected edition by Ashley A. Woods, Amandla Stenberg et al, as an oversized hardcover graphic novel via Kickstarter.

Rewards include original Jae Lee art, backpacks and the Niobe jewelry line crafted by Badali Jewelry. A portion of our profits goes to the Innocence Project. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Innocence Project: a non-profit legal organization that is committed to exonerating wrongly convicted people through the use of DNA testing and to reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.


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