Barzinga’s Free Comic Book Day Adventure!

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Today, Rich Henn, CY, and I all traveled to a few shops in Maryland (and a bar) to celebrate Free Comic Book Day. In a stroke of luck, I also had a local comic zine on me, so a shoutout to Celebrated Summer Records in Baltimore, MD!

Sit back, crack open a cold one, and join us for Free Comic Book Day 2017!

Third Eye Comics was our first stop, as we talk our run of geek holidays, from May the Fourth Be With You to Free Comic Book Day. Some folks have been camping out for a few days already waiting for the store’s opening this morning.

After braving the crowds at Third Eye, it was time for some libations, so we stopped in at Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant in Annapolis. I hadn’t brought my tripod (or any of my gear, really), so CY stepped in and we bravely volunteered him to act as a human tripod. I reveal the best way to get me into a kidnap van (because it’s how Celebrated Summer Records got me into the store).

Ok, now that we’ve managed to get some proper booze into us, we’re headed over to Cosmic Comics, where they’ve got a dice game going to help pick out which special books to get for FCBD. So, what does a roll of a three win?

We found a couch to sit in! Still at Cosmic Comics, it’s time to look over the comics we’ve picked up and we plot about where to go next. Alternate Worlds — oh wait, I’ve got to hit a baseball game tonight!

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