DC Shakeup: Pat McCallum – From Wizard Magazine To Rebirth To Overseeing The DC Universe

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The story goes that once upon a time, the young Pat McCallum worked at Gareb Shamus‘ parent’s comic book store, and wrote a newsletter for customers of the shop.

It was so popular and considered of such high quality that Gareb decided they should publish it as a magazine.

That was Wizard: A Guide To Comics. Pat was a creative driving force for what became the most popular reportage in comics, and he eventually became its editor-in-chief for years, until an infamous purge in 2006, maintaining a friendly relationship with all manner of folk and considered one of the smartest folks at the publisher.

These days, DC Comics is home to a number of ex-Wizard contributors from the early days. And one of them is Pat McCallum who joined as an editor in 2011. He was one of the principle figures behind the twice-monthly rollout of DC Rebirth last year, which has proved remarkably successful.

And now, as executive editor, he has been put in charge of the entire DC Universe of superhero characters, reporting to EIC Bob Harras. I understand that this was the kind of position he’d been working towards for some time.

They’re his toys now…

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