Goths Everywhere Rejoice; ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ Is Coming To TV

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interview with the vampireIn news that is going to make some high school goths very happy The Tracking Board has announced that Paramount TV and Anonymous Content have gained the rights to make a TV series based on Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles.

The eleven book series is on the syllabus of “books you need to read when you decide black is the only color worth wearing” but has never really had the proper adaption they deserve. The movie The Interview from the Vampire from 1994 starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise was fine but there were certain elements to Rice’s books that the public weren’t ready to see on screen twenty years ago (mostly homosexual undertones). The Queen of the Damned from 2002 is very much a product of its time as it tried to jump on the early goth and EDM/club scene and falls apart because of it.

queen of the damnedHowever, this has always been long form storytelling through the eyes of nominal main character Lestat de Lioncourt a French nobleman who was turned into a vampire in the 18th century. A series like this was always made for television but the modern form of TV with mediums like Hulu and Netflix able to push the boundaries means that some of the more controversial elements of the series will be given the opportunity to flourish. Rice seems to realize that this is the type of TV that her books were made for and she plans to serve as executive producer of the upcoming adaption with her son, Christopher Rice, also serving as producer and writing.

“In this unique golden age of television, I couldn’t ask for a finer or more passionate team to help bring my beloved vampire hero, Lestat, alive in a series of the highest quality. This is a dream come true, both for me and for Christopher and for the fans who have been asking to see the Brat Prince in this medium for years,” Rice said of the collaboration.

We currently have no release date or any other information regarding the series but longtime fans should feel optimistic; not only do we have the right medium to bring the books you love to life but we’re also in the right time period where none of the good stuff has to be pushed to the side.

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