Inner Chains Has Gone And Flayed Itself Open For You With A Making Of Video

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Today was supposed to be the release day for Telepath’s Tree, Orka Studio, and IMGN.PRO’s Inner Chains, but the game has been delayed. Instead, the team took a knife to Inner Chains to show us the making of the horror game’s cinematic trailer. It’s the kind of meta treatment that works best with properties that have very distinct art styles and the gore of Inner Chains fits that bill nicely.

Speaking about the delay, Tomasz Strzałkowski, CEO of Telepaths’ Tree said, “we received amazing feedback from players at PAX East – it was invaluable and helped us to recognize elements of the game that, due to our hard work, would become even better. After intense discussions, we decided to use additional time to add some finishing touches. The publisher gave us the opportunity, and as a team we decided that the temptation was too strong. If we can, we want to focus as much as possible on the development of our game. We want to deliver the best experience for the gamers.”

“As a publisher, the games we work on are always our priority. We want to deliver the best titles, and even though Inner Chains is already done, it can become even better with a little bit of additional development time. Telepaths’ Tree cares a lot about the amounts of detail they put into their work, and now they’ll be able to use a few ideas for small additions,” says Bartosz Moskała, co-founder of IMGN.PRO.

The core elements of Inner Chains remain the same:

  • Interaction between weapons, their users, and the environment.
  • An unparalleled biomechanical world where both fauna and flora lie in wait for your slightest stumble.
  • Stunning surreal visual style.
  • Deadly, intelligent, and challenging opponents.
  • Unusual locations with their own unique stories.
  • Subtle thriller elements that will fill you with fear in unusual, inventive ways.
  • Thrilling action combined with an interesting, hair-raising story.

The game will be out on PC next month, May 18th, with the Xbox One and PS4 versions available sometime in the future. You will be able to grab your own copy of the game for download on Steam. The new “making of” video is below.

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